February 14, 2020

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Goal setting isn’t rocket science.  In fact, it becomes easier are you practice.
1. First DECIDE on the area you want to improve or the goal you want to achieve.
2. Next WRITE down a statement of the specific result you want to achieve.
3. THINK about why achieving this goal is important to you and WRITE it down.
4. VISUALIZE/IMAGINE yourself as having achieved this goal.
5. DETERMINE when you want to achieve this goal.
6. WRITE down when you want this to happen.
7. MIND MAP/BRAINSTORM 3 areas (SUB-GOALS) that will work towards attaining your goals.
8. ASK yourself what the challenges/limitations to you achieving your goals are.
9. WHAT can you DO to overcome them?
10. What TASKS will you need to carry out daily towards the attainment of your goals?
11. What LIFESTYLE CHANGES/HABITS do you need to make in order to achieve your goals.
12. What TIME in your daily activities will you DEVOTE to working out your goals?
So there you have it. Your goal is all set up and ready to be acted upon.
This is what I work with on short-term goals.
Let me know if this was helpful.
How do you achieve your goals?

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