November 30, 2017

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A GOAL WINNING VS. WINNING GOAL – Which best describes your attitude?

I had never particularly been a fan of soccer, save for the strategic decision I made before marriage to love football, since I discovered that my soon to be hubby was a Chelsea fan.

I didn’t want my husband forced to spend time outside our home in order to watch soccer because he wasn’t welcome to do so at home or uncomfortable about it.

I’m happy to announce that this worked for us.

So as a younger person, I only watched soccer when Nigeria was playing and my favourite time (then and now) was when there was a draw in a crucial match and the game was extended to first, an extra 15 minutes and then when there is the expectation of a winning goal to decide the winner of the game.

A GOAL WINNING ATTITUDE requires that you are positive all the time.  That you believe in yourself and your ability to win at your game. This becomes a lifestyle where you trust that you can perform at every goal your set for yourself.

The WINNING GOAL attitude is different in that it is more strategic, more focused on winning a particular goal within a particular time.

The stakes for a WINNING GOAL are higher.  It might require that you change tactics from your initial goal scoring strategy which in this case, you’ve employed all through the year in order to score within a specified time.  It requires more clarity and shot on target if you must win it.

In the just concluded match between Chelsea and Roma it was obvious the different attitude towards the game.

Chealsea lost a lot of shots even though they had more opportunities at scoring

They didn’t appear motivated (probably they weren’t)

They didn’t, in my opinion, play as a team

They didn’t play to winning, they simply played not to lose.

On the other side was Roma.  They were energetic from the beginning and maintained momentum, dexterity, purpose, had fewer scoring opportunities but got many of their own shots on target.

A colleague of mine expressed that since Roma was playing in their home, they didn’t want to disappoint their country.  This might have been their main motivation but what’s your own motivation?

Can you take stock of your life now?  What attitude must you adopt now, the goal wining lifestyle (I know I can do this) or the winning goal (strategic, time conscious, tactical and tired of a certain circumstance and wants to win)

The Winning goal attitude is to play to win.

Are you saying to yourself daily that in the next 30 days you am going to do this?  You won’t let you stand in your way.

That’s the attitude that wins.

There’s what you have to do, but there is also who you have to become.  What will your winning attitude be going forward.

Give this challenge your all, push yourself where it matters to do what’s in your plan.

Super achievers are not simply created by life, genetics or parental modelling.

They were willing to push the boundaries of their lives, to step out of their comfort zones and go after what they believe they deserve or need to do.


6 Things you can do now:

  1. Ask yourself and answer the question of what your current attitude towards your goals really is.
  2. Set a daily target of tasks that you need to carry out in the fulfilment of your goals.
  3. Decide to become a different person, one that is more intentional by committing and focusing on your goals.
  4. Don’t wait until you need to score a winning goal in order to bring on your A-game. Win it from the start. Win it with you heart first, see where you want to go and then act on what you see.
  5. Play to win and not play not to lose.
  6. Perform like you know you are capable of doing by focusing and keeping your eyes on the prize.

And while it would seem like you’re having a pretty good time, easing into your tasks and plans, taking forever to act on your goals, the winning goal attitude is what you need to crush a goal in a shorter time.

So who are you going to be? A goal winner or a winning goal winner?


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