October 25, 2017

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Why do you want to be wealthy?

I’m assuming that we are over the subject of wealth being worldly, carnal or dangerous to us as individuals.

The first question in determining your wealthy goal must be why you want to be wealthy?

This a very important question that you must answer because this will be a motivating factor for your wealth.

While money should never be the main motivator behind whatever endeavor you intend to carry out, not having a wealth mindset might make you less deliberate in directing your income towards building the wealth that you’ve created from your work.

It is possible to be successful at what you do but not build wealth because success is not the same as wealth.  You can only be successful and wealthy if wealth was one of your goals or you were deliberate.

On the other hand, I want to emphasize that passion as a motivator trumps money because enjoying the process is what will keep you showing up at your place of expertise.

But passion without goals may not achieve much impact on your total turnout.

Two different ways to build wealth

  1. Be passionate about what you do and deliberate with your wealth goals
  2. Create a product so good the entire world needs it (of course even if you have just about 100,000 – 1 million users). Even less can work.

Can a non-entrepreneur still build wealth?

Of course.  Have a properly written wealth plan what will guide how you manage, invest and multiply your monthly income.

So establish exactly why you want to be wealthy.  Settle the matter in your heart. Deal with the mindsets surrounding the topic.

The question I’ll be posing is this:

Are you going to do this for your family, for benevolence, or simply because you know you can, I mean, why shouldn’t you? 

Will it be simply because you believe it’s where you should be?

Do you want to leave an inheritance or several, or bring your entire family out of some level of hardship?

Or so that you can retire in style?

It is not my place to judge. Everyone has to decide for themselves what will motivate them.

But what is that thing strong enough to make you delay gratification because wealth requires effort.

Can you find a reason that will make you be focused enough to overlook the things that don’t matter?


Are there any wealth myths you’ve heard or believe to be true? Please mention in the comments.


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