October 23, 2017

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I once mentioned to a friend some time ago, that I wanted to start a group/forum that didn’t just discuss wealth but also included the balancing act – that is, a balanced life, he said that he didn’t think people would be interested in that. That “people never chop finish.” He also didn’t think that it was a topic that related to Nigerians.

I was a bit disappointed that he could think that low of Nigerians but I didn’t blame him. I quite understand that we have been conditioned by some to think that suffering and stress is necessary/unavoidable and so we welcome it, settle for anything and go with the flow.

Today I want you to examine the aspect of you. In all of what you do daily, where do you fit in? Is there a measurable quantity of happiness and satisfaction of life that comes to you?

It is said that we are happy when we make people happy. Actually, I am one of those that believe that bringing joy to the hearts of others will make me happy but I don’t think I will be the first to volunteer to help at a hospital taking care of sick patients.

Mother Theresa spent her lifetime taking care of orphans, displaced persons and other vulnerable children but I doubt she would have traded that for being at a war front rescuing children of war torn zones despite her love for children.

You must find a balance between what you do and what it’s doing to you. Or for you.


The things that you would truly love to do should make you smile if you were to fantasize yourself doing them.

Find a way to bring joy to this world and those closest to you without losing yourself in the process. By losing yourself I mean not losing the essence of who you are.

This isn’t suggestive of you not making sacrifices but at the end of the day sacrifices should be what’s within your capability. You will never be able to sacrifice from what you don’t have.

My question is this. Are you living your most passionate life? You can start from somewhere. Start with the little things that you can do daily for you that make you happy.

Contrary to the general belief that happiness comes from within, I digress with the view that happiness similarly comes outside. From things, activities, people.  I don’t want to spill the beans on this one. It is going to be a topic for another day.

Find that thing that while doing it, gives you joy and is affecting the lives of others (this could be your immediate family, missions, whatever) positively.


To find a balance between what you are doing now and what you would rather be doing ask yourself the questions again – What do I love doing? What would give me the greatest joy?

What are the activities that I would love to do regularly that would keep me excited daily? Could it be to call certain friends, exercise, read books, watch your favorite movie or a silly movie, write a journal or even write a book. The list is endless but you know what you like and I’m sure you get my drift.

Find a way to include those activities in your day while progressively eliminating the activities that don’t matter.


If what you’re doing is what you’ve always wanted to do but you’re still not finding the satisfaction you expected, one thing could be the reason that you’ve lost a degree of passion or lost the balance in your life.

Some things are taking up more time and space than others. This has probably taken out the joy that should have come from following your dream.

You are supposed to experience happiness with results from your work.


No one is responsible for telling you what you are capable of or what you are worth. You are. A Coach might guide you in the direction of your abilities and steps to take to actualize these but you are responsible for knowing what you are worth.

Don’t let someone else define your worth. They may lie to you or not be able to tell you the extent to which you have been wonderfully or fearfully made.

Make up your mind today to think about yourself a lot more. Carry yourself along in the equation. When you’re able to give something back to yourself, you will be a lot happier and it will tell in your relationship with the people around you.

Trust me when I say this, you deserve a lot of happiness!

Go live a legendary life.

What makes you happy?


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