October 23, 2017

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Every so often we get so frustrated trying to balance our lives while confusing being busy with actually being productive…

So we continue to go through the motion only to find ourselves some time down the road stressed, with the feeling that we aren’t achieving much and unable to quantify how much progress we’ve actually made in endeavours.

This could lead you to questioning your ability to be effective and can be depressing. You know what you want, you know how it would look like if you got what you wanted but still find it difficult to attain.

This was how my life looked some time ago. I worked a great deal at various projects but will still feel like I wasn’t being progressive in my work, like I needed more time in the day to be able to get all the things I wanted to do to be completed.

Below is a summary of the tips that worked to give me better organization and allocation of the wonderful gift that is called time.

So if you want to become more organized in order to be productive at home and at work these tips below will help you with a less stressful that will make work easier and more productive.

  1. Track your daily activities for a period to know exactly what you’ve been spending your time doing week in week out.
    This is particularly important if you’ve noticed already that you’re finding it difficult to balance home and office.
    2. Discover what tasks have been taking up your time or which can be limited to create room for other activities?
    What can you do or require to speed up the process?
    Do you need outside help or are you simply the one multitasking or being distracted by unconnected activities?
    3. Next, list all the tasks required of you to do daily at home and/or work? List them all and allocate a time to each one.
    List it out from Monday to Sunday. Say Wake up and pray 5.00a.m – 5.30a.m Bathe 5.30am – 6.00a.m.
    Doing this will help you move activities around but at the end you would have discovered if you need to wake up earlier than you’ve always done.
    4. What are other things you need to do that you have been unable to create time for.

    Find out if you can include this in your schedule?

    5. What do you have to do (night routine) to make sure your next day goes smoothly and as scheduled?
    Example, making sure your clothes are ironed the night before. Using a menu planner to organize meals so you don’t spend time deciding what the family will the next morning.
    So schedule a night routine time in your daily planner.
    6. Transfer your revised routine to a journal.
    The most important thing to note is that time cannot be managed per se because it just comes and goes. But you can manage yourself.

    Time is a gift, intend to make the most of it daily.

     The essence of this exercise is to reduce stress, ensure that you have a balanced routine with nothing missing.

    If you like reading and you’ve not been finding the time to, proper planning and strategy should make it possible to find time even if it’s just for 30mins daily.

    Allocate time to spend on your Spiritual desires, schedule time to spend with the people you love.

    Importantly, allocate the best time to get the kids in bed just in time to be able to spend a good time with your significant other!


    Can you relate?

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