September 16, 2017

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I'm Gabby — health coach for women. I'm here to help you lose weight the way you want to live it.

Meet Gabby

Your personality affects much more than you can ever imagine.

So much of who you are shows up in what you do, how you do it and the results that you get.


Becoming self-aware requires a search within to discover what your strengths, weaknesses or limiting habits are and what your next line of action should be to improve the outcome of your efforts.

Taking out the time to personally examine myself made me discover things that I would never have known about myself with all my years of work.

It has set me on a different journey of which I’ve been travelling in the past years.

But self-awareness in this context means not limiting yourself in achieving greatness to simply what you are capable of doing or have been doing all along.

It means, realizing what your own strengths and weaknesses are in a bid to knowing what your true capabilities are as it relates your business and assessing what you may decide to develop systematically while letting someone else more skilled do what is required for the success of your business or venture.

This involves creating a system by fitting in all the workable units of your business or endeavours in order to create a cohesive union that keeps producing results for you whether it’s you directly performing the action or someone else.

This reduces time spent and increases efficiency.

Sometimes, the time spent in developing certain skills could be best spent doing what you know best. One of the things that limited my productivity was the need to be highly skilled at every aspect of my business process.

It wasn’t enough for me to just understand the system, I found myself being distracted one too many times trying to handle different aspects of the process.

Continuing this on a long term basis and the results you get will definitely be below potential.


  1. Take out the time to seriously examine yourself

Take note but do not condemn. You simply want to determine where you need help.

Find out what your strengths and weaknesses are under Emotional, Social, Relationship, Physical, Skills and Self-Management.

  1. Watch yourself daily

Have you been taking up more tasks than you are emotionally, physically and skillfully prepared for or have you simply been letting things slide because you think you are not capable.

  1. Think about all your current business processes.

What area(s) have you been struggling with or take up most of your productive time?

Would it become easier if someone more skilled handled something for you?

Answers to questions like this will set you up for a more informed line of action and improve your productivity overtime.

Have you taken time to discover who you are and the habits that affect the things you do?

If you want to be more productive you can join my facebook group to get clarity for your goals and become more focused in achieving them or in order to get the guidance required to focus on what matters.


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