Now you can stop playing small and settling for less than you are capable of

The right strategies for life and business that

will improve the way you work, earn, multiply and keep your income

You can become the person you’ve dreamed of becoming, do the things that excite you and have what seemed impossible

Why you are here

How does any of these resonate with you?

  • You want to live your most accomplished and productive life but you’re struggling with identifying the things that matter, unable to eliminate distractions and earn the income that you are capable of.
  • You need clarity on the things that are most important to you. You want to discover what you are most passionate about.
  • There’s so much business activity on you part but no commensurate income for your efforts.
  • You are on the verge of hanging in the towel, you’re losing the passion and will to continue.
  • You’ve become a serial startup entrepreneur abandoning one business with the hope that another one will validate your entrepreneurial prowess and bring in the goods. But this isn’t happening.
  • You have so many viable ideas but with so much going on in your life, you find it impossible to focus and achieve any of your great ideas.
  • You want to stop sitting down and seeing others get known for bright ideas you’ve only formulated in your head but not been able to get on with.
  • You find yourself unable to achieve much in your daily tasks due to procrastination or your inability to formulate the right plan.

If any of these resonates then I believe I can help you.

So here’s how I can help you

I’m Alorye Ugar but you can call me Al.

I write posts that help wealth minded entrepreneurs get clarity and focus on their life and business goals so they can stop simply wishing and start achieving more income faster, smarter and without overwhelm.

How do I do this?

I write posts, I design courses, programs and speak at events on topics that seek to make readers and participants get the strategies that work towards making them more fulfilled in their endeavours.

The contents of this site are designed for you if you’ve been struggling to make sense out of what you do.

It will give you the strategies you need to personally lead yourself so that you discover who you truly are so that you can focus your strengths, passions and efforts on the things that matter while eliminating the ones that don’t in order to save time and achieve your wealth goals faster and smarter while enjoying a happier, more balanced and healthier lifestyle.

I understand the challenge most entrepreneurs face in having ideas and desires but not being able to follow through, in knowing that you can be more but not being able to get to where you want because I’ve been there myself.

They end up sitting back and not achieving their maximum capacity throughout their lives while watching others achieve what they are capable of.

This should not remain so.

To be fulfilled financially will require a whole lot of different strategies from the one you’ve been operating with.

My strategies have been created to cover 3 core areas of strategic transition from your ideas to your ideal wealth life using what I call my 3-Ps of Productive Wealth.

  1. Personality
  2. Pro-activity
  3. Productivity

By having a clear understanding of who you are, what you want, why you want it, how to get it and a couple more subheads from my productive wealth strategies you will be set up on a path to achieving your most passionate desires.

My proven wealth strategies will undoubtedly work for you if:

You are an entrepreneur still struggling to make sense of what you do.

You are yet to experience true financial freedom and you want to stop worrying about your future.

You want to perform at maximum capacity and you’re ready to put in the work required to improve your habits and go for what you want.

It took me years to get the right mindset, clarity, habits and strategies required to become productive and transform my life from clueless, hard work with no commensurate income to a life I desired.

I am still a work in progress but I have come so far that I want others to learn about these strategies.

My desire is to share the things I learned in my journey so you can start living the life you desire and capable of living.

“It’s extremely liberating to have clarity on what you want and know you can actually achieve it.” – Alorye Ugar

So what’s the next step you want to take to start transforming your life

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